Contoh dari Hartoty Exposition

Dangers Of Drugs

author: Faznura

Drug abuse among young people is increasing. Drug can damage[1] the nerve and explode the young generation. Deviation[2] behaving young generation, can jeopardize their future.

Drug is addicted that make the user feel hard to stop. People who have been using drugs will experience[3] symptoms of fatigue. Pale and poor appetite every day. So, they will look for additional power or re-looking drugs. Because they think drugs can increase energy.

Many young people is addicted by drug, even of them student. The students still have feeling that labile. They tend to be hard to distinguish anything and they are more easily influenced. A student has a great curiosity. And because of his drug abuse is happening.

Recently, drug transaction goes around this country Indonesia. For example, the Sangihe with neighboring countries on the island of Philippines Marore, causing a variety of specific problems, such as causing insecurity, drug trafficking, illegal fishing and teroisme problem. Lack of security of the border region to be a major factor.

To prevent drug abuse, there is no reason to taste drug anyway. Never accept food or drinks from strangers. And for you who has been addicted of it, you can go to see the doctor or come to the phsyciatrist.

[1] Kerusakan

[2] Penyimpangan

[3] Mengalami


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